Coupon for Weight Watchers Monthly Pass - Angie's Story

We are still at the beginning of 2015, and many people make a decision to lose weight and become healthier. Weight Watchers, being the grand daddy of weight loss programs, has some enticing deals this January and February. In fact, it is committed to helping Americans achieve their wellness goals in 2015. As you know, when you join Weight Watchers, you can either purchase a monthly pass to attend the famous Meetings, or you can buy the Online program which allows you to follow the plan completely online from your computer. Those who opt for the Meetings can take advantage of  coupons for Weight Watchers monthly pass.

Weight Watchers Monthly Pass coupon Code

2015 Weight Watchers Coupons for Monthly Pass

Here is the deal that the leading weight management company is offering at the beginning of this year: Pay 30% less when you purchase either the 3-month or the 1-month plan of Meetings + Essentials.

Keep in mind that:

  • Meetings and Essentials are only available in certain areas
  • Once the first term of service is over (that is, after 1 month or 3 months, depending on what you paid for initially), then there is no 30% discount for the Weight Watchers montly pass. You have to pay the full price.

If you live in the UK you can get Weight Watchers coupon codes for Monthly Pass from RetailMeNot.

From Size 18 to Size 6 – Angie on Weight Watchers

Meet Angie, a middle age women like many others struggling to lose the extra weight holding them back. At five feet tall and 192 pounds, Angie was in disbelief. How could she gain so much weight without even realizing it? Sure, she noticed her waist expanded a bit over the years but she never had known it had expanded all the way to a size 18. Angie was familiar with trying diet after diet to quickly lose a few pounds but like most other crash dieters she would quickly gain the five, 10, or 20 pounds right back.

Life is Unfair

Angie didn’t understand how she could witness skinny girls stuffing their face with loaded fries and soda inside restaurants. Why could they eat whatever they wanted but not her.  At nearly 200 pounds and finally coming to terms with the fact that not everyone is the same and life certainly can be unfair, Angie was ready to make real changes to better her health not just to lose the excess weight.

Joining Weight Watchers

In August of 2006, Angie decided to change her health and her pant size by joining Weight Watchers. While she had heard numerous horror stories about members being humiliated at Weight Watchers weigh-ins, her experience was far more pleasant. She found comfort in knowing that her weight wasn’t publicly revealed to the other members. Only a Weight Watchers leader and herself knew how much she weighted, lost, or sometimes even gained each week.

The difference between Weight Watchers and other diet programs is that Weight Watchers teaches you a lifestyle change not just a way to drop pounds fast, Angie tells us. Each week she lost two or three pounds motivating her to stay on track and push forward through the program.

Making a  Commitment

As a part of the Weight Watchers program, Angie began being more active and even exercising. She walked a minimum of an hour each and every day and dabbled in some yoga on the side. Sometimes on nice days she enjoyed riding her bike around the neighborhood. No matter what, Angie had made a commitment to herself to not only eat healthier but to also become more active, and she was doing it.

Even more, she visited to read some good articles on women's fitness, workout and weight loss. Muscleandstrength contains an extensive guide to healthy nutrition and effective exercise for every woman who wants to lose her weight by eating properly and by following a strict fat-loss and strength training program as well. Also, this site offers deals and coupons for cheap supplements and Angie used this opportunity to buy supplement products at a discounted price with muscle and strength promo code. M&S is an on-line supplement store with a big collection of supplements that cover any fitness and health purpose and the most well-known brands in the weight-loss industry.

Dropping 12 Sizes

By May of 2007, Angie had lost 50 pounds putting her at her personal goal weight. She went from wearing a size 18 in jeans to a size 6 and life was good. Angie describes “I felt like a million bucks”. Everywhere she went she received compliments on her weight loss. Angie had not only transformed how she looked on the outside but more importantly, how she felt on the inside. Both her confidence and self-esteem were soaring high sense losing the extra weight.

Many years later, Angie is still actively living a healthy lifestyle complete with nutritious food choices and regular exercise to keep the weight off. Her skinnier body and renewed spirit are both here to stay. If Angie's success journey is inspiring for you, I would like to encourage you to join Weight Watchers, too. Weight Watchers has coupon codes for Montly Pass. They also have coupons for Weight Watchers Online. See which of the two plans suits your needs and lifestyle better and choose one now that you have this discount opportunity. 

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